INTREPIDIAN is a new dynamic magazine, podcast series and community championing intrepid individuals and innovative ideas using technology. We follow and highlight brilliant new individuals, their ideas, their companies, their journeys. We show the latest news, views, opinions from industry leaders, local and global investors, look at trends and show key innovation investments being made in relevant sectors, around the world. And we cover play with personal wellbeing and lifestyle features.

We are based in the UK and that forms a significant proportion of editorial and readership but we strongly cover business and movements around the world too.

This magazine is wholly independent, self-funded, self-written, designed and developed and serves to highlight, champion and further entrepreneurial endeavour and technology. It is put together with the help of various intrepid people. We scour the internet and get tip-offs about interesting companies, projects or individuals we should be looking at and we monitor their progress.

We are project and people agnostic and believe any project or company should be held up by its merits solely and no other factor. Simply put, if a project is good and interesting enough to us, we’ll cover it regardless of what the person behind it looks like etc etc. We don’t do advertising or sell data. Yours or anybody else’s. Under any circumstance. That’s not what we do.

We do often get involved with projects we find interesting – behind the scenes and further down the line – but that is entirely separate and does not affect our fiercely-guarded independent editorial standards and output. The main aim of the site is to inspire, enthuse and support intrepid entrepreneurial individuals, their burgeoning companies projects and ideas.

Have an interesting company or idea you feel we should be having a look at? Please do get in touch.