Conigital – Connected Digital – are currently in the market raising seed funds towards their driverless vehicle and on-demand ride-hailing transport company on the Seedrs platform.

Don Dhaliwal formed Conigital, based in Birmingham, UK – in 2015. Conigital has embarked on a mission to disrupt the transport industry through a vision of greener efficient mobility using ‘democratised autonomy and AI’. They aim to empower society by accelerating the introduction of seamless clean travel, providing accessible and integrated automated transport services for all.

Their vehicles will feature the world’s first four-dimensional tactile display which will provide continuous sensory feedback for blind users over the course of their journeys. Advanced indoor and outdoor positioning systems will allow blind users to know their exact locations using a smartphone app and will link to a cloud-based system which will allow nearby vehicles to be virtually requested or ‘hailed’.

They are currently raising 1M GBP on the Seedrs platform.

“The task of Conigital is to provide an all-inclusive mobility blueprint to futureproof transport for cities, combining our four key tenets of connectivity, reliability, efficiency, and accessibility for all; because we believe mobility is the very lifeblood of any economy.”

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