TEHTRIS, a French software publisher of cybersecurity solutions and a European technology leader against cyber espionage and cyber sabotage, announced investor funding of 20 Million Euros.

The French cybersecurity company created in 2010 runs a technology platform for cyber-defence against spying and sabotage for companies for all devices from computers to smartphones. It develops and delivers real-time, automated detection and neutralization of known and unknown digital threats in corporate infrastructures.

Founded in 2010 by Eléna Poincet and Laurent Oudot, respectively leaders in the field of operational and technical intelligence, TEHTRIS has more than 60 experts in France and has experienced strong self-financed growth since 2017. Its ambition is to contribute to the European digital trust by fighting against all forms of cyber-attacks, such as data breaches or ransomware.

The large-scale deployment of teleworking in response to the public health crisis and the migration to the Cloud are amplifying some IT vulnerabilities and are generating new security and resilience requirements for businesses. Cybersecurity players are therefore fighting against a sharp increase in attacks and intrusions, with offensive and defensive means. TEHTRIS and its international partners monitor millions of IP addresses in more than 60 countries and analyse billions of events every week.

The company received the funds from Ace Management, the European leader in private equity in digital security, together with Open CNP, the corporate venture fund of CNP Assurances, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Co-Investissement (NACO) and several business angels.

“We are delighted to raise the funds to accelerate our role as a major player in the service of European digital sovereignty by strengthening our technical, sales and marketing teams,” explains Elena POINCET, CEO of TEHTRIS, “The volume, speed and variety of attacks rejected on a daily basis by TEHTRIS highlight the growing need for automatic security of all digital entities with trusted unified supervision”.

Visit [https://tehtris.com/en/home/]