Carqon is a 100% Dutch brand building on the significant cycling tradition of the Dutch. And their flat terrain. The company was founded with the ambition to develop a superior cargo bike that sets a new standard in design, functionality, and technology. 

This is its foray into cargo bikes and it’s gone specifically for the urban-cool-parent variety. Carqon wants to offer these families the quality, safety, and comfort to enjoy each other as much as possible while being on the road, so says its literature. 

But at the price of a small car and with the testing undulations of East London, my wife would take some convincing that I’d bought this purely to help save the planet and pick up some spuds.  

At 40 kg, this electric bike designed to transport an adult and up to four kids a distance of up 75 miles (120 km) before needing a recharge. And that’s a lot of trips to the South Woodford Waitrose. 

But as we jump in and out of Covid lockdowns and people avoid cars, public transport and busy city centres; as more cycle lanes appear and as we hit the festive season… could this be an alternative way of shuttling the kids around, getting some fresh air and running around town doing errands? It certainly looks cool. You could even put a clear plastic hood over the basket and take the kids around to see grandma without infecting her. Or maybe not.

I’m just jealous because this looks cool and fun and the closest I’m going to get to ride one of these stylish things (or even in one!) will be if I’m suddenly re-posted to Holland for some inexplicable reason or the roads of East London flatten themselves out rather sharpish. But this is 2020. And very strange things have happened this year so I’m not ruling anything out quite yet until I see the whites of the eyes of 2021! I’ll get my cycling gloves out in anticipation.