U.K. startup Better Dairy, developing animal-free dairy has raised £1.6 million in seed funding to get its mission going. The London-based company is currently in the research and development stages of producing products that are ‘molecularly identical’ to traditional dairy without using animals as part of the production process.

“Dairy farming is hugely unsustainable. It’s a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and a majorly inefficient use of resources. Plant-based alternatives also aren’t good enough. They are inferior in terms of flavour and nutrition and have limited usability as food ingredients”

Jevan Nagarajah, CEO.

The company was founded in 2019 by Jevan Nagarajah (CEO) and Dr. Christopher Reynolds (CTO), alumni of Imperial College London.

“Better Dairy uses synthetic biology and yeast fermentation to produce dairy products following a similar process to brewing beer. Our products, molecularly identical to traditional dairy, seamlessly plug in to existing recipes and supply chains. We have taken to the lab and already produced our first results” says the company.

This seed round was led by Happiness Capital alongside a number of other investors. Better Dairy says it will use the funds to accelerate its R&D efforts with the aim of commercialising its first products by early 2022.

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