Sustainability-focused, refurbished and pre-owned tech brand reboxed, based in Brixton, London recently raised £350k in pre-seed funding from angel investors. Launched in September last year, reboxed kicked off its mission to rehome 100 million mobile devices by 2030 in an effort to tackle electronic waste. The firm is aiming to transform the way we buy and sell used technology, creating a smarter and more sustainable choice for consumers to upgrade and trade their tech while saving money and the planet. 

“I’m happy and excited by the opportunity to transform the pre-owned and refurbished experience, which suffers from poor satisfaction and inconvenience, and is failing the needs of today’s consumers” reboxed co-founder and CEO, Phil Kemish.

Electronic waste is the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. At present, the UK is second only to Norway in terms of its per capita contribution to e-waste, a figure which the UN estimates stood globally at 53.6 metric tonnes in 2019 – up from 9.2 metric tonnes just five years ago. reboxed wants to mobilise people against a throwaway culture and its associated dark side of harmful emissions, toxic waste and plundered resources. For every device bought or sold, reboxed plants 10 trees with Ecologi and donates 1% of profits to climate change projects. 

Angels include former Dyson CEO Martin McCourt, Mazuma Mobile co-founder Charlo Carabott and ustwo Co-Founder Matt Miller.

“There is undoubtedly growing interest amongst phone owners in exchanging their used handset for a replacement that is also used, but in great condition. The challenge would-be ‘swappers’ have is the hassle they face in executing the transaction, and the chance that they will receive a poor trade-in deal and maybe a substandard product. Reboxed changes all of that with a fresh, easy to use platform that offers swappers a great deal and a fab service, second to none” former Dyson CEO and investor Martin McCourt commented. 

The closure of their recent funding round also sees the addition of new investor Charlo Carabott. Carabott previously co-founded and managed the UK’s leading mobile recycling website Mazuma, which he led until its acquisition by EcoRenew in 2018.

“Although device recycling services are well established in the UK, more than half of UK consumers still don’t recycle their old devices. I am extremely excited to join reboxed who I believe will offer a proposition and service that will attract a whole new segment of the market and better serve those who already recycle” explained Carabott.

Funds raised in this round will be used to support the launch of the UK’s first on-demand buyback process which uses reboxed’s ‘TechCheck’, a diagnostic service which guarantees the phones for buyers and even offers a 15-month free warranty to help shoppers feel secure in purchasing pre-loved items.

Phil Kemish continues: “Shifting people away from the expense of new, and upgrading to reboxed means we can save money and the planet while still offering value, quality and ease.”