Imagine being able to de-risk your start-up by accelerating the process from conceptual product design through to initial client feedback in one week, from start to finish. This is the concept that underpins “Sprint.”

The origin of the “Sprint” can be found at Google Ventures, where the CEO, Bill Maris determined the issue facing start-ups was that typically they only had enough funding to bring their product to market once, where quite often customers would only be able to engage at the end of the process, which was inherently risky.

At the same time within Google, a small team had been working on product sprints to launch new experimental product features, where they had already had some successes. This culminated in a sprint team forming within Google Ventures, with the express purpose of helping the start-ups they invested in, led by Jake Knapp, the author of this book, and the one who first pioneered the technique within Google.

Since they started working within Google Ventures they have done over 100 sprints, where as part of that, they have honed their process to the point where they outline the steps they believe any business can follow which is facing a key decision in regards to their business and commercial strategy, where this is broken down into six distinct phases over one business week. Read More….

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