INTREPIDIAN is a digital magazine championing forward-thinking individuals and their ideas with technology. We follow and highlight these enigmatic people, their projects, journeys and personal stories. We show the latest news, views and opinions from industry leaders and big thinkers, life and style, and look at trends and insight from around the world.

We are a wholly independent magazine taking people on new journeys of thinking!

  • We are based in London and our focus is on intrepid entrepreneurs in the UK using technology.
  • We do also cover inspiring individuals, technology, business, lifestyle and society trends from around the world for context and inspiration. 
  • This magazine is wholly independent. It is written, designed and developed to highlight and champion unique technology-based endeavour. It is put together with the help of various intrepid individuals at different levels, and together we scour the internet and our personal sources for interesting companies, projects and individuals.
  • We are project and people agnostic and assess projects and companies on their viability and unique qualities. The companies we pay attention to most are those addressing pertinent everyday scenarios we can all understand, and we reserve special attention for those with BIG positive society-changing visions.
  • We don’t run many adverts, or sell data, yours or anybody else’s, under any circumstance [Please see our privacy policy]. That’s just not what we’re about. The aim of the site is to inspire, enthuse, support and bring together intrepid entrepreneurial individuals, their burgeoning projects, ideas and companies, and help take that further with the network and resources we have…
  • We do often get involved with interesting projects we think we can help take to the next level. But these outside commercial interests are entirely separate to our magazine and do not affect our fiercely independent and fair editorial, protocol or output. Where scenarios do arise, we clearly declare any commercial conflict, interest or association with any particular party clearly. 
  • If you feel there is an interesting company, idea, project or intrepid individual we should be having a look at – or have anything you want to ask – then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • INTREPIDIANS: The ‘Intrepidians’ pages are about intrepid ideas, projects and companies in the early stages of development and funding
  • MOVERS: ‘Movers’ are notable funded projects making waves, noise and starting to scale in their particular field
  • SHAKERS: ‘Shakers’ are established well-funded organisations now starting to disrupt their industries significantly
  • MAKERS: ‘Makers’ are the individuals and companies that fund and support the innovation eco-system