Zobi Hedgehog

Zobi bases itself around ‘Home Intelligence’. “Our smart, brand-agnostic solutions take a holistic view of homes – people, devices, networks, habits. They build an anonymous profile for each home, then use that intel to spot unusual behaviour and stop cybercriminals”.

A key angle is providing ‘protection for home workers’.

“59% of your employees are using their work password on personal devices. They are your weakest link and hackers will target their homes to access your network. Our HI software stops them. We created Zobi Home Intelligence to make it easy for anyone to detect and prevent cybercrime in their home”.

Hedgehog is the first device that uses Zobi Home Intelligence. It detects security holes and vulnerabilities on existing home devices and networks, scans and blocks unrecognised and unauthorised devices 24/7: contactless, passwordless, time limited guest WiFi for visitors… are just some of the features. 

Zobi are currently using the Seedrs platform to raise 150,000 GBP for further development.

Find out more… https://zobi.ai/